By clicking the checkbox I agree that UAB “Finansu bite” (“Organizer”) will process my personal data according to Privacy policy and other conditions listed below.

The organizer will manage my personal data to the extent necessary for the purpose of concluding and executing loan (consumer credit) contracts. The Organizer will receive, correct and manage my personal data with the purposes of personal identification, verification of personal data, conclusion of a loan (consumer credit) agreement, execution, control, protection of the Organizer's rights and legitimate interests.

I agree that the Organizer will process the following personal data: name, surname, personal code, identity document details, email address, phone number, account number, and other information related to the listed data.

I understand that after the loan (consumer credit) contract is concluded, the borrower will be able to see my initials. I agree and do not oppose to the disclosure of this data to the parties to the loan / consumer credit agreement.

I allow the Organizer to record telephone conversations with me. Telephone conversation records can be used to confirm the conclusion of a loan (consumer credit) contract and other related circumstances.

I am informed that I have the right to access my personal data and the way they are processes, i.e. to get information from which sources and what personal data has been collected, for what purpose my personal data was processed, to whom my personal data was provided, to request correction of incorrect personal data, to destroy my personal data or to suspend further processing of my personal data (except for storage) when the data is processed in violation with local law, to disagree with the processing of my personal data for direct marketing purposes.

I am aware that if you do not agree to submit and allow the Organizer to process my personal data specified in this consent, the Organizer will not be able to provide its services for me.

I am informed that I can exercise my rights by contacting the Organizer at [Šis el.pašto adresas yra apsaugotas nuo šiukšlų. Jums reikia įgalinti JavaScript, kad peržiūrėti jį.].

I confirm that my consent to the use and processing of personal data is equivalent to my written consent.